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  • Read about VB Construction Frequently asked Questions.

    What our customers typically ask us.


    • How do I stay within budget?
    • Have a good idea of what you want and get all details on the building plans and in the contract. This will help to limit changes during construction which could affect the budget.


    • What warranties do you offer and what is the time limit?
    • Manufacturer warranties are inclusive with a one year warranty on workmanship.


    • How long will it take to complete my project?
    • Every project is different and many variables play into scheduling but VB will give you an estimated time of completion.


    • How soon can you start?
    • We can start a project within 14 days after all permits are fully executed.


    • Can I make changes during construction?
      Yes, but keep in mind changes can affect budget, scheduling, and cost.


    • What will the daily hours consist of?
    • Our work day starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm.


    • Can I expect the jobsite to be cleaned-up at the end of each day?
    • We ask all subcontractors to clean up after themselves and a VB employee will inspect regularly. Just keep in mind this will be a construction site.


    • How long have you been building home additions?
    • The principles of VB are second generation builders and have been working in all aspects of construction for their entire working careers.


    • Do you have any references I may contact?
    • We can provide references upon request.


    • Are you insured?
    • VB maintains the required insurance at all times.


    • Will this project require a permit?
    • Almost all projects require a permit, but VB will help you through this.


  • Read about our Design Check List

    The Design Checklist – What we ask customers to consider.


     Use this design checklist to prepare for your first home design meeting. You will want to bring these items with you to the initial design meeting to tell your builder or architect as much as possible about your project. Don't worry if you don't have all of the items below, as some may not apply to your project and some information can be gathered during the design process.


    1.  Building Site Layout:

    The survey from when you purchased your land can be used or a copy of the subdivision plot, or photos of the site and a rough measurement.  If this will be an addition, show the size of your existing home and lot (can be rough measurement).  Many of our designs are created for difficult sites, which we will walk with you and measure carefully for your home's perfect location and orientation.  If it is an addition, we will schedule a time to take exact measurements later.


    2. Description of Your Desired Home:

    Start with the basics, such as number of floors, square footage and number of bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, or loft space over garage, etc.  Will the trim be stained? Floors carpeted?  Brick exterior?  List as many of your desired features as you can.


    3. Design Scrapbook:

    This can be a folder or just a few pages out of magazines. Gather notes, photos, articles, even pieces of other floor plans you like.  You may also want to measure rooms that you have in your house now, and any furnishings you will be keeping.  When you tell us you "want a bigger living room,” we can look at the existing measurements and work from what you are used to now.


    4.  Your Budget:

    It is very important to start with a budget. Find out what homes similar to your desired home have been built for. Find out what other homes in your neighborhood cost. If you have a builder selected, ask him or her to help you come up with a square footage for your new home based on what you wish to put inside.


    5.  Make an Appointment:

    You will want to schedule about 60-90 minutes for your first design appointment and about that long for two or more follow up appointments.


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